Countertop Refinishing


 Are you looking to change your kitchen countertops? Did you know that there is no need to replace them? J’s Restoration can improve and restore your laminate, Corian, and tile countertops! We can transform those gritty countertops in just a few days with no demolition and at a fraction of the cost of replacement.Extend the useful life of your counters for up to15 years.


We can add a new edge to your straight edge countertops. A rounded bull-nose profile softens the look of your counters and can improve the look and feel of your kitchen. Softer edges and a beautiful stone finish can dramatically upgrade your kitchen.

We solve a variety of countertop problems including:

  •  Hard to clean tile grout – The grout on tile countertops can be difficult to keep clean.
  • Restoring your tile eliminates any stained or stained grout issue by completely protection your grout.
  • Specific counter layout – We restore what you have in place. No need for demolition or tricky measuring and cutting.
  • Need it done fast? Your countertop transformation can be complete in just a couple of days!



 Trust J’s restoration to update the look of your countertops and vanities!

Our Mission

Our mission is so simple. People need a new and improve bathroom appliances. So we help make it happen. In fact, we perform tub refinishing and counter top resurfacing at a whole other level than other businesses. That’s because there is a science behind what we do. We provide the latest techniques with some good ol fashion elbow grease to renew our client's bathtubs, sinks, and tiles. We want you to have the bathroom you deserve! Most of our jobs take just a few hours to complete. you can set up an appointment with us from Monday through Sunday!


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